Starting with Android Development – Setting up development environment

With the rise of smartphones and tablet computers powered by Android, Android Developer is an important skill to add your resume. I have just started this journey and so far I have learnt how to setup the development area which is what I am going to show you.

I expect you already know about Android and use a Linux distrubition. A foundation on Java Programming or any other programming language will also help. I suggest you read a little about Java Programming if you have no programming experience, mainly on the syntax, Object-oriented programming and using API documentation.


Install Eclipse from Ubuntu Software Center

This is a very simple step, providing you have Ubuntu installed, go to Ubuntu Software Centre and install Eclipse.

Add Software links for Indigo and ADT Plugin
Once you have eclipse installed, click on Help > Install New Software > click Add button

Name: Indigo

Name: ADT Plugin

Wait until Developer Tools option appears under Name, Tick it, Click Next and follow on screen instructions. Once installed, it will ask to restart so do it.
Install Android SDK
Once eclipse is running again, you should see “Welcome to Android Development” message
Make sure “Install new SDK” is selected, two tick boxes are ticked and select location where you want the android sdk installed. Follow the the wizard and finish installing the sdk.

Create Android Virtual Device

An Android Virtual Device (AVD) is an emulator configuration that lets you model an actual device so you can test your application for different hardware and android versions.

In eclipse go to Windows > AVD Manager > New > give it a name > target 2.1 and click on create AVD

All Done, we are ready to make our first application.

I would suggest to have a look at below sample tutorial as a starting point. Download the zip folder and extract it into your /home/yourname/workspace folder

click on File > New > Android project > Create project from existing source > point the location to /home/krutant/workspace/Notepadv1

Make sure you have the correct AVD setup for a sample project import. Earlier, We setup an AVD with target 2.1 which will not run for the Notepadv1 project as it requires target 2.3


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