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  • How to Install Zabbix Monitoring on Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS - Step by step to Install Zabbix 3.0 on Ubuntu Server 16.04.2 LTS: Install Ubuntu, open terminal and login with Root su – password Update the System apt-get update Install LAMP Server apt-get install lamp-server^ Add Zabbix Server Repositories to Ubuntu 16.04 wget dpkg -i zabbix-release_3.0-1+xenial_all.deb apt-get update Install Zabbix Server apt-get install zabbix-server-mysql zabbix-frontend-php […]
  • ASP.NET Web Pages code behind and seperation of logic - ASP.NET Web Pages are ASP.NET sites without models, views, controllers, or project files. Now you may think that’s just like Classic ASP, or PHP?. It’s the full power and speed of the .NET with full syntax of C#. It’s simple, lightweight, fast, super powerful, and I am surprised more people don’t use it. How to […]
  • Office 365 add shared mailbox to mobile device - Office 365 shared mailboxes do not require a license so autodiscover and ActiveSync will not work and the mailbox will not be accessible on a mobile device. There are two ways to get around this problem: 1) Re-create the mailbox Backup, delete and re-create the shared mailbox as regular licensed account. Restore your emails from […]
  • Office 365 and outlook 2010 password never expire - If you are using Office 365 with Outlook 2010, one of the problems you may face at a certain point is the password expiry. There is no notification to user in outlook 2010 about the password expired, instead you will see a message saying “server is unavailable”. When you attempt to log into Outlook Web […]
  • How to setup a complete PHP development environment on Ubuntu - So you have decided to build websites with PHP but where do you start? To start building websites in PHP you need In at least web server (such as Apache or IIS), PHP and a MySQL database. You can install these separately which can be tiresomely long so in this post I will show you […]
  • Starting with Android Development – Setting up development environment - With the rise of smartphones and tablet computers powered by Android, Android Developer is an important skill to add your resume. I have just started this journey and so far I have learnt how to setup the development area which is what I am going to show you. I expect you already know about Android […]
  • Resize and watermark images in Ubuntu - In this post i am going to show you how to resize and watermark images in bulk for free, without additional software and through bash script that will work on majority of linux distributions. This is very useful for anyone who has to regularly resize and watermark pictures for websites or catalogues. You will need […]
  • How to surf the web anonymously - If you think you are anonymous on the internet then think again, by simply connecting to the internet you share information about your computer, your geographical location and even web sites you have just visited. Some of the information you have already given away: What will anyone possibly do with this little information? but if […]
  • Geany – A Perfect Web Development IDE - One of my favourite editor is Editplus. I have really liked this editor over the years because it is simple, lightweight, custom code completion is very easy to setup and you can modify remote files without having to upload / download through FTP. Since moving to Linux, I’ve been looking for an alternative. I wanted […]
  • How to use Ubuntu at workplace by joining an Active Directory domain - Requirements: Computer running Ubuntu (10.04 / 10.10 / 11.04) Admin rights to join a computer to domain likewise-open version Updated : 8th September 2011 I have updated this guide to use the newer likewise-open version that works a lot better and is easier to setup. Preparation sudo gedit /etc/nsswitch.conf replace hosts line that […]